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AI-Powered  Insurance Intelligence

More intelligent risk selection and pricing across the customer lifecycle. 

Our Products


Data Enrichment

Deeper customer insight for risk selection and pricing

Broader market intelligence at the point of quote

Real time insight with simple API calls

No Setup Cost.

Why Driverly

 Cutting-edge Technology

We use the best in class technology in every service we provide. From telematics technology to the use of AI/ML to our cloud-based backend infrastructure, we use the most advanced technologies.

Customised Solution

Customise the proposition based on your business needs and preferences. Our modular technology structure makes it easy to tailor our solutions at minimal cost. 

Time to Market

Launch your innovative solution with Driverly within weeks. Driverly’s proprietary and scalable technology has no dependency on third party systems and thus, can deliver change at the highest speed. 

We work with you to co-design a solution that best meets your needs. We go live within weeks and support you to continuously iterate your solutions based on post-launch learnings. 

We work with you to understand your business needs and preferences. From profitability to growth, from innovation to analytics, your needs form the foundation of our partnership.

How does it work?

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