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Our Value Proposition

Data Enrichment

Are you an insurer, broker or MGA?

Use our data enrichment services to make smarter underwriting and pricing decisions.

Customer insight: Use our API calls to enrich your customer data at the point of quote

Market insight: Bring competition insight into your underwriting and pricing decisions

Flexible commercials: No setup cost, no minimum volume, free retro PoC 


Loss ratio Buster

Are you an insurer?

Use Driverly telematics app data to improve loss ratio for your in-life customers.

Renewal Pricing: Identify safe drivers and price them accordingly without introducing a new telematics product

Behaviour nudging: Improve your customers’ driving behaviour leveraging on in-app gamification

Accident data: Be in the know about when, where and at what impact an accident has happened by using Driverly’s telematics data

Aggregator Companion

Are you an aggregator?

Use Driverly telematics app to collect customer driving data in advance of quote.

Differentiation: Collect driving behaviour data before quote and use it as a means of strategic differentiation

Customer Solution: Help your customers save on car insurance without buying a telematics policy

Insurer Solution:  Empower your panel insurers to price customers based on their driving behaviour

Insurance Innovation Lab

Are you an insurer looking for differentiation? 

Build and customise your own-brand innovative insurance product with Driverly.

App-based telematics: Benefit from the most advanced, cost-efficient and customer-friendly telematics technology

Subscription Policy: Bring forward the telematics pricing benefits with our subscription model

Automated Customisation: Customise the product with a few clicks and launch a solution within days or weeks

Driving Context Scoring

Are you a telematics insurer?

Improve the quality of your telematics score by adding driving context to the equation. 

Driving Context Scoring: Add a new layer to your driving behaviour data using Driverly’s driving context

Weather: Assess the riskiness of driving behaviour based on the weather conditions during the journey

Road Risk:  Interpret the customer’s driving behaviour more accurately based on the road conditions in each journey

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