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Driverly and University of South Wales join forces to unveil a pioneering AI powered, real-world driving insurance app

Steve Pacitto


Driverly and University of South Wales join forces to unveil a pioneering AI powered, real-world driving insurance app

Partnering with the internationally acclaimed USW Centre of Excellence in Mobile and Emerging Technology (CEMET), Driverly Insurance has developed the UK’s first AI-powered risk map that combines real-world driving conditions and accident data with driver and vehicle profiling. This ground-breaking work supports Driverly’s mission to deliver safer UK roads whilst rewarding good driving behaviours.

Cardiff-based Driverly, provider of a unique, app-based car insurance service, is delighted to announce the results of its pioneering collaboration with University of South Wales’s Centre of Excellence in Mobile and Emerging Technology (CEMET) in delivering a world first in driving insurance technology.

The Driverly app monitors and records dozens of different driving criteria for users to build an accurate picture of their driving habits, which can directly benefit users financially. Driverly has now added further layers to its tech offering, thanks to the brilliant specialists at CEMET. As well as recording driving behaviour, the enhanced app can also draw on accident profiling of all the major roads in the UK, combined with real-time weather forecasts to build an AI-powered view of real-world driving conditions, thereby building a risk profile with a level of detail not seen before. 

Nestor Alonso, Chief Data Officer at Driverly, worked closely with the CEMET experts on this ground-breaking collaboration and commented: 

For the CEMET specialists, working on Driverly’s project provided new challenges to their expertise. 

The Driverly Insurance app is free to download through iOS App Store and Google Play for users interested in understanding how improved driving behaviour can reduce premiums and secure additional rewards.  

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Driverly Insurance is a UK based insurtech business, set up in 2021 to specialise in providing car insurance for safe drivers.  The Driverly app and business model offers the UK's first genuine, dynamically priced driving insurance solution. This flexible policy employs the very latest proprietary technologies to deliver insurance the way it should be; personalised to the user's 'driving habits and dynamically priced on a monthly basis to reflect driving behaviours. The Driverly app, which is free to download and trial, is at the forefront of a new age of dynamically priced, adaptive insurance products and gathers data to monitor and reward careful driving behaviour. Customers can receive digital "acorns" as part of a rewards programme, which can then be converted into vouchers or discounts. This monthly subscription policy also enables customers to cancel at any point without paying a cancellation fee. 

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