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Driverly’s unique Road Risk Map helps to identify the 5 most dangerous sections on Britain’s roads

Steve Pacitto


Driverly’s unique Road Risk Map helps to identify the 5 most dangerous sections on Britain’s roads

As part of its unique AI driven telematics data profiling and risk analysis, Driverly has identified the top 5 most dangerous road sections in Britain based on accident data, traffic volumes and driver behaviour.

Cardiff-based Driverly, provider of a unique, app-based car insurance service, today reveals the results of an intensive study of driving behaviour, accident records and traffic volume data to identify the 5 most dangerous sections on Britain’s roads.  

The study found that the most dangerous road section in the UK is the A38 between Birmingham and Derby, with 53 accidents resulting in injuries or fatalities between 2018 and 2020.  The second most dangerous road is the A404(M) between High Wycombe and Maidenhead, with 49 accidents in the same period. Other dangerous road sections identified in the study include the A34 in Oxfordshire, the A12 in Essex, and the A27 in East Sussex. This data combines accident numbers per volume of traffic and an analysis of driving data from AI driven telematics data collected by the company.  

The Driverly app monitors and records dozens of different driving criteria for users to build an accurate picture of their driving habits, which can directly benefit them financially in the form of rewards and future discounted premiums. In this instance Driverly was able to overlay that data against other traffic statistics to identify these dangerous roads as part of an exercise to create more accurate driving data for the insurance industry. 

Nestor Alonso, Chief Data Officer of Driverly commented: 

The Driverly Insurance app is free to download through iOS App Store and Google Play for users interested in understanding how improved driving behaviour can reduce premiums and secure additional rewards.  

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Driverly Insurance is a UK based insurtech business, set up in 2021 to specialise in providing car insurance for safe drivers.  The Driverly app and business model offers the UK's first genuine, dynamically priced driving insurance solution. This flexible policy employs the very latest proprietary technologies to deliver insurance the way it should be; personalised to the user's 'driving habits and dynamically priced on a monthly basis to reflect driving behaviours. The Driverly app, which is free to download and trial, is at the forefront of a new age of dynamically priced, adaptive insurance products and gathers data to monitor and reward careful driving behaviour. Customers can receive digital "acorns" as part of a rewards programme, which can then be converted into vouchers or discounts. This monthly subscription policy also enables customers to cancel at any point without paying a cancellation fee. 

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