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Coffee Chat with Mohammad Alinia, Driverly Co-Founder and CTO




Amy-Rose Cannatella

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3 minutes

Coffee Chat with Mohammad Alinia, Driverly Co-Founder and CTO

Mohammad Alinia, CTO and one of Driverly's co-founders chats to us about the company's approach to modern technology.

Why did you decide to start Driverly? 

Building systems and teams from scratch is a very exciting opportunity for me, especially if I know I’ll have great people beside me throughout the journey. That's why, when Armin approached me with the original idea of Driverly, it was really hard for me to resist the chance to get involved.  

What makes insurtech businesses like Driverly different from traditional insurers?  

At Driverly, being a young start up, we are not constrained by older and legacy systems. Adopting the latest technology available, at such early stages of our business, stands us in good stead against traditional insurers. It gives us the potential to drive change at the very core of our insurance operating model. Using cutting-edge technology ensures our systems remain secure and performant at scale while keeping business costs down. This together with leading-edge technology gives us the tools to price better and more accurately, allowing us to pass savings onto our safer customers through their car insurance premiums.  

How do you plan to use technology in order to best serve customers? 

There are a lot of data points that customers are willing to share with their insurance providers to get a fairer price, such as the data from their mobile phone sensors. We aim to make it as easy as possible for customers to do this by using our Driverly app, which collects the appropriate data in the background without using much battery consumption.   

Not only does collecting customers’ data allow us to better understand risk, but also it means that we can work with our customers to help improve their driving behaviour. We do this by giving them useful and actionable insights about their driving, via app notifications. By improving their driving habits, customers will not only be less likely to become involved in an accident, but they will also hopefully benefit from a reduced insurance premium if they demonstrate they are a safer driver.  


Along with in-app notifications, Driverly provides customers with a great level of support through automations. A lot of user enquiries or requests do not require human processing. Interactive bots can automate a good chunk of those inquiries while providing customers with great user experience. 


How can artificial intelligence help the insurance industry become more efficient?

Insurance providers can make use of artificial intelligence to sift through tons of user data that is available to them and use the insights to provide much more efficient and personalised services to their customers. 

At Driverly, we use customers' data in order to give them a personal, fair price. It’s important that customers achieve something for their willingness to share their data. Not only does Driverly offer personalised prices, but we also use the data in order to provide customers with information about how they can reduce their driving risks.   

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