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Coffee Chat with Mark Huggins, Driverly NED and Chair Designate




Mark Huggins

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Coffee Chat with Mark Huggins, Driverly NED and Chair Designate

Mark Huggins shares his thoughts on subscription-based insurance and tells us why he believes Driverly is on the path to success.

Hi Mark! Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’ve spent my working life in the insurance and consumer finance sectors, leading businesses such as MBNA Insurance, Saga Personal Finance and AA Financial Services. I particularly enjoy working with people to create compelling and truly differentiated propositions – getting the balance right between product, price and customer journey to create true, sustainable value.

Why did you decide to join Driverly? 

Two reasons: Firstly, we are on a mission to change the UK motor insurance market.

We do what we say we will do: it’s about fairness, transparency and above all, empowering the customer. 


Secondly, it’s fun! I knew Armin from our Admiral days and, in Nestor and Mohammad – alongside the broader team – he has built a great team spirit and culture.


What's the future for subscription-based insurance? 

Alongside the trend towards digital interactions, consumers are increasingly drawn to short-term “experiences” vs long term “commitments”. It’s about truly putting the customer first – giving them the power, for example, to try before they buy; and the power to cancel their contract without penalty when they choose to – not their provider.

Do you believe that the cost-of-living crisis will impact insurance buying? 

As we all look to constrain spending in the context of rising prices, those insurers who offer true value and flexible payment options – without “hidden” charges or penalties – should benefit.

Regardless of the cost-of-living crisis, Driverly was founded on the basis of fairness – of rewarding good driving behaviours, and of competitive and transparent pricing for all of its customers.


What does Driverly offer that will make it stand in good stead against established insurers?

Driverly has an exciting and truly unique proposition for the UK motor insurance market – combining the deep, technical experience of its co-founders with a great telematic, app-based, monthly proposition. Additionally, it is founded on the principles of fairness, which permeates throughout our team, and of truly empowering customer choice.

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